THIS IS LIFE, is a documentary produced by Mandeo Records. Directed by and starring Daniel López Dr. Diego Gonzalez Rivas.
A journey through the early onset of technical UNIPORTAL Vats, the least invasive to operate lung cancer. A true story of a patient, Ramón Álvarez and everything that is triggered after: the global expansion of this revolutionary technique.
For us it was a challenge and a great experience recording in places like China, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Russia, Poland, UK .. and get to know the culture clashes that between all of us. The final reflection we make is that there are second chances, you can never stop fighting, we are all equal before a disease such as cancer and we all go hand in hand together. We hope you enjoy this work. You can see the Spanish version narrated by Luis Etchevers or the English version narrated by Rupert Twine. The music is composed by Sergio Pena. A composer with whom we have worked many years and which got a nomination for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2012 for his composition for "Caderno Weblog".
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