Casa Manola (Manola’s House)

Casa Manola (Manola’s House)

Manola and her brother Barrantes set up a Rural Tourism House to rehabilitate their home, taking advantage of a grant. For economic reasons, Nacho, Manola’s son, and his wife Vero are forced to leave the city they adore and share a roof with the rest of the family.

The collisions produced by the coexistence, in addition to the interactions of the protagonists with the guests and some other curious neighbor, will bring out the best and the worst of the characters without ever losing sight of the main objective: to make the spectator laugh.

“Casa Manola” is a production of Filmanova for TVG.

Mandeo Records was in charge of all the sound production of the series during all its seasons. We are facing filming and audio post-production of 10 episodes per season.