Castelao de Chumbo a Verba

Castelao de Chumbo a Verba

In September 2016, the director Miguel López, got in touch with us to make all the sound production of his first documentary film: “CASTELAO DE CHUMBO A VERBA”.

In a school in Pontevedra the Galician arts day dedicated to Castelao is celebrated. The teacher (Uxia Blanco) orders a job that the students have to do during the weekend. Xavi (Iago Novoa), an intelligent and somewhat lazy child receives a reprimand from his teacher because all week she was dedicated to giving information about Castelao and does not know how to answer the teacher’s questions. From there, the child articulates a world between fantasy and reality that begins when the statue of Castelao sculptural group of the Plaza de San Xosé comes alive (Miguel Pernas) and travels with the child the most significant places of the Pontevedra in which the distinguished Galician artist lived for 20 years. Fictional documentary in which contemporary images, Castelao archive images or flashbacks that bring us the two fruitful decades -from 1916 to 1936- of the life of the artist and writer of Rianxo, helping to understand his thought, and his life, are mixed personal, cultural and political.

We did all sound design of this movie.

We are facing shooting with a single technician, due to budget limitations, with DPA equipment, Sennheiser, Tascam and K-Tek.

Once the shooting was over we did the sound postproduction in our studio, in a Pro Tools 12.2 system