Cinema and Surgery

Cinema and Surgery

This article contain images that may hurt your sensitivity.

A few days ago, we received a call from one of the most important companies distributing surgical equipment in Spain: Remeco S. A

They wanted to record a series of material for teaching. It was about having a unique material for the training of maxillofacial surgeons. Something very special

They contacted us because they needed a team with experience in the operating room. The first warning they gave us was that the video documentation would be something very strong and impressive: A human head.

Our response was immediate: there is no problem.

It is an honor for us to count on us to do such an important and specific job.

Normally in the experimental centers work in three types of modes: simulator mode, animal mode or corpse mode.

Obviously the most real way is the corpse. It is the one that offers the possibility of being able to investigate, practice and experience new techniques that are closer to the day-to-day reality in hospitals.

In this case, we would work with an anatomical piece. With the head of a donor.

What greatness! What an act of generosity! Amazing. Donate your body so that science can continue advancing and healing others.