For us, audiovisual production is the communication mechanism between our client and the viewer.

Tell stories, messages, intentions, emotions… with a cinematic look.

Everything starts with a question...

What do we want to achieve?

From that moment everything begins to turn...


  • Questions that need to be answered.
  • Creation of a story.
  • Elaboration of the Screenplay.
  • Preproduction.
  • Production.
  • Filming.
  • Editing.
  • Postproduction
  • Mastering and Render.
  • Industrial Manufacturing.

And finally...

The MESSAGE reaches the viewer!

The Mandeo Style

We have been telling stories for more than 12 years.

Stories that are born from a need of our client and that we share, we get involved, we give the best of ourselves both human and technically and we impregnate them with the MANDEO STYLE.

A very characteristic way of working in which we have always believed, based on complicity with our clients and establishing a technical and result level that we never wanted to lower.