Madre y Maestra (Mother and Teacher)

Madre y Maestra (Mother and Teacher)

We finished the sound postproduction of the documentary “MOTHER AND TEACHER”, by the director Serafin Trashorras.
There was a time when some women knew how to choose a path because their vocation was stronger than the circumstances of life. The desire and illusion defeated adversity and made his life a plea for teaching, in the broadest sense of the word.

It is a close vision of the life of Cristina Trashorras Cendán, a teacher who lived the Postwar period and the arrival to democracy, from her classrooms, her students and her classmates.

We did all the sound work in a Protools 12.2 system.

The direction of photography is signed by Jose Luis Caamaño Castro and the music is authored by Arturo Vaquero.