Despite having a music recording room, our philosophy, when dealing with this type of productions, is that we believe that not every room serves to record every style of music.

In that sense always, depending on the style of music, we value the best location and microphone to face each project and that the musician feels 100% identified with the final result.

We evaluate each project in a unique way

Location and microphones adapted to the client

Own identity

We rely a lot on our production work. This has led us to record in locations as complex as monasteries or the interior of a forest.

Each project has its own identity and we work side by side with our client from the begining of the project until the day of the presentation of the same.

Confidence in our production work

We work side by side with the client

Our tools

  • Multitrack and multitrack live recording.
  • Dual sound recording equipment.
  • Recording in AlesisHD24 and Pro Tools.
  • Splitter.
  • Previous Focusrite.
  • AKG, Neumann, Schoeps, Shure, BeyerDynamic.
  • HD multicamera.
  • Steadycam.
  • Hot head crane.
  • Mobile unit of realization.