New projects in China

New projects in China

This week we return to China to work on new projects.

For 3 years we established a line of work in China, in which Shanghai is our center of operations.

There are several companies for which we have worked and the truth is that we are very grateful that they have trusted us to make and direct their audiovisual products.

The working life in Shanghai is a totally radical change, with respect to our country of origin. The Chinese society is a society that is extremely productive. There are no schedules. It stops when the work is finished, whatever time it is and when it is finished, you have time to rest a bit and the next job is coming up.

It is a rhythm totally different to any society or culture that we have seen in another part of the world.

We do not know of any society in which labor productivity is the main mission, nor have we seen anyone with the capacity for work in China