Pontedeume, descúbreo

Pontedeume, descúbreo

“PONTEDEUME, DESCÚBREO”, is the title of the tourist promotional video that we made for the municipality of Pontedeume.

A work in which the city council insisted on involving the citizens themselves. So, since we designed the script of the story we wanted to tell, we always think: Who better than eumeses, to tell their own promotional video?

Associations, hoteliers, civil protection, sports associations, brotherhood of fishermen, shops and even the leading actress, are from Pontedeume.

We wanted to tell the story of a girl who has to emigrate with her parents, to look for a better future. Years later, the daughter of that girl decides to return to the place where her family had its roots. From that moment, he finds a new life, the quality of living in a small and cozy place, a place where closeness to people is not lived in social networks, a place where he can study hospitality, his great passion, and power Set up your own business and establish a family.

In short, one of the great themes of the history of the Galician people: Emigration.

The leading actress is Laura Calvo. This was his first leading role in an audiovisual production. What, for us, has even more value, since it is a decided bet of the town hall of Pontedeume for its people.

In the script design, we set the guidelines to create a lasting audiovisual product. A video that the Department of Tourism did not have to renew every year and could be used in international tourism fairs, festivals, television, promotion on the Internet, screening at events organized by the city …

The filming was done with a Blackmagic digital cinema system. This allowed us to have a cinematic texture and a greater dynamic range.

Detalle de cámara de vídeo

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