The sound of Sea Beasts

The sound of Sea Beasts

SEA BEASTS, is the first film by Galician director Felipe González. One of those projects that can only get ahead thanks to the commitment, involvement and strength of the director. What has been “independent cinema” in the purest style.

A very elaborate script with a superb performance by the actors. Of those projects in which it seems that the script has been written for those actors. Very special mention for a very careful photography.

The film was finished filming in 2010 and since then, due to the common evils of independent cinema, it had to be set aside in a drawer all these years, until the energy reopened that drawer and retaken it.

At that moment we are now.

The director Felipe González contacted us to do the whole part of sound postproduction.

We gladly accepted that challenge and immediately set to work.

Due to lack of budget we could not do a multichannel workflow and we went to a stereo mix.

The platform we are working on is Avid Protools in our post-production room.

SEA BEASTS is a project in which sound has its own life. It is not a film format in which the sound is simply narrative.

Within our work schedule, we only have a month to finish all the sound and that makes, even more if possible, something more difficult.


The first part of postproduction is what we call: clearing.

We open the OMF and start removing things that do not interest us. We are clearing and ordering by tracks with which later we will work.

An important part of this post-production is the recording of SFX and Foley to accompany the sound design that Felipe has in mind for this script.

Inanimate beings, such as the car of the protagonists or the sea, become characters of the film with the sound design.

For this we recorded the sound of a 1972 Dodge and the ambience and sea SFX of A Costa da Morte.

With a total of 52 tracks, we reach the mixing stage.

We have 10 days left to finish this project.

We want to thank Felipe for his confidence from the first moment in our study to do this work. We love independent cinema. The real one In which the effort is able to pull a car that seems impossible to move.
SEA BEAST will be a reality very soon and we will be very proud to have been part of this wonderful universe.