The Stone´s Secrets

The Stone´s Secrets

We started the recording of a new project: the new record work of the musician Mateo Arnáiz.

Mateo decides to undertake a journey of introspection and search of the emotional essence of the musical researcher. For this, he decides to live an authentic intimate adventure, seeking a connection with nature and his own essence as a musician.

Convinced that he has to study the purest origins, experiences and sounds of his instrument, he decides to seclude himself and record his new album in a monastery.

He has a difficult task ahead: isolating himself from everything around him to try to capture with his guitar what the stones transmit him. Those same stones that saw the history of humanity pass through since the Middle Ages and leave part of their musical legacy for future generations.

We have already done several projects with Mateo, but this will undoubtedly be one of the most ambitious.

After recording several studio albums, it was time to take another step. We are those who think that each record work has its recording room and in the work of production we must study well the starting point and where we want to go.

In this case we set out to record an album in a monastery. Quite a challenge since the acoustics is less controllable.

But we are precisely looking for that. A different sound requires different things and a different room.

Classical music has always been devoted to this type of theater.

For the recording we will use at least 4 microphones: 1 Schoeps CMC641, 1 AKG 414 and 2 DPA4006TL.

In this way we will record the natural reverb of the monastery and in the mix we will not use any plugin.

At the same time we will shoot a documentary that will be called “The Stone’s Secret”, in which the entire recording process will be included.