Videoclip of the EnClave group

Videoclip of the EnClave group

We recorded a videoclip of the EnClave group.

A story based on the theme Adiós Nonino is a piece of tango music, composed by the Argentine musician and composer Astor Piazzolla in 1959, in homage to his father, Vicente Piazzolla.

The videoclip is a representation of the phase of the duel, through which our character, played by the actor Daniel Pena Toribio, when his son died .

The whole videoclip is based on an idea:

“Death leaves an unforgettable pain … the true healing begins by accepting that someone leaves”

We made a light design with which we wanted to tell the evolution that phase of the duel. The darkness of the torment that lives our character, its abandonment, the sadness, the loneliness … and at the same time combining it with the light of the sequences of the musicians, as a metaphor that music was the way that could illuminate the torment and guide to our character to his healing.


Finally, we represent acceptance, as a principle of healing, by including our character in the same light design as musicians.

There is only one plane in the whole video clip that has a direct sound. That is the aerial plane of the end. That sound of the sea, represents the present reality and shows us that everything we saw before was the very neurosis in which our starring was involved.

We shot a large part of the video in a spectacularly solitary place, impressive and where the forces of nature come together to make it unique: A Costa da Morte, specifically in A Ensenada do Trece in Camariñas.

All the night part we recorded through the streets of A Coruña.

The equipment we used was a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera system with Olympus Zuiko Pro lenses.

Below we show you a small video of macking of filming through the streets of A Coruña, where we use our second Blackmagic Pocket camera unit along with a Zhiyun Crane V2 gimbal and Blackmagic Video Assist 7 “4k recorder monitor.

Thank you very much to the EnClave group for counting on us for the realization of this very personal project.